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tv   Eyewitness News  CBS  June 27, 2010 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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we're at risk for severe thunderstorms. it was a rough one. good evening everyone, i'm adam may. again, warnings going out for people to stay inside. we have this man sweating as he was working outside today in a north baltimore garden. others did brave it outside tonight, trying to find some shade, trying to stay cool. we reached 100 degrees and when you mix in the humidity, it makes it even hotter, and that does mean storms are brewing. bernadette woods is in the weather center. >> a new high temperature has been reached 100 degrees so far today. that's what we're coming in at. the old record was 100 degrees. there we go, and as far as temperatures go right now, we're coming in at 98 in baltimore, when you factor in
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that new high humidity, it feels like 103 outside. look at all the widespread 100s out there. with that going on, a couple of thunderstorms popping up. not very widespread today. we are seeing a few thunderstorms starting to get under way just the west of severna park. that is moving off to the northeast. also just to the west of columbia. that is moving in your direction. now we're building a little bit. we could see them get stronger before they die off. a better chance for you tomorrow, we'll have that coming up for you tomorrow. remember that wjz is always on. for more information on the cooler centers and weather forecast at any time just log on to a new controversy tonight for the baltimore city police department. fbi data shows the police department labels more rapes as false or baseless than any other city in the country. and now the major is ordering a full review of the department's
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rape investigation practices. wjz and dereck valcourt has that report. >> reporter: in baltimore there are an unusually high number of rape complaints that essentially end up getting thrown out. it's front page news for our media partner the baltimore sun. in baltimore more rape cases are labeled unfounded, not true than any other state in the country. five times the national average. alarming to victims advocates. >> is there a better way to categorize these cases and crimes. maybe there's another reason why a victim may want to go ahead with the filing at a later time. >> reporter: those same statistics also show a dramatic
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dip in the number of rape police report. 684 cases reported to the fbi in 1995. last year's 158 reported rapes means a 98% drop. city council president jack young wants an investigation as well saying he finds it just as troubling that the police department's numbers on reported rapes has fallen at a rate that is higher than the national average. >> it is a good opportunity for us to evaluate our practices. >> reporter: the police chief promises a full investigation as to why baltimore's numbers are so different than the rest of the country. >> whatever we can do whether it's rape investigations, or burglars or murders, we need to be working with the community to get their confidence that their reports are going to be taken seriously and we're going to do a good job of
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investigating them. >> reporter: the mayor asked her office to take a view at the procedures. three teenagers are accused of a shooting. police arrested holly along with his young brother harley. the suspects fired eight shots hitting a 19-year-old man. we also have an update tonight on the pregnant who who was shot in south baltimore. someone shot the 38-year-old several times. the woman was four months pregnant. she is expected to make a recovery but her baby did not make it. police believe the victim is
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the member of a local gang and was targeted as part of a dispute by a gang in that same area. today family and friends gathered to remember a fisherman after the gulf spill wiped away his whole business. sandra hughes has the very latest from alabama. >> reporter: at the christian life church in gulf shores alabama, the congregation has been hit hard by the oil spill. >> you don't want to die but you don't want to live. >> reporter: alan rookie cruise did give up. his twin brother said it was in dispair over his lost business. before his death, rookie talked about trying to make due. >> the day that the oil entered the gulf, my phone stopped ringing. >> reporter: pastor rick long
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calls rookie's suicide a metaphor for the tragedy in the gulf. >> when you see these people with dispair in their eyes, when you see these people unsure, yeah it's difficult times. >> reporter: this time of year this marina and gulf shores where rookie cruise docked his boat was so packed with tourists you could hardly walk. it's now like a ghost town. the losses are mounding, the commercial fish and shellfish harvest is estimated to be 1.3 billion pounds in valued at $661 million. it appears there's some news that should bring a sigh of relief for residents. tropical storm alex appearsing
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to be headed toward mexico. and also today, officials reported tar balls and a patch of oil along the mississippi coast. until that area, that area has been spared by the damage. a jump in gas prices could do some damage to your wallet. the average price for a gallon of regular climbed 5-cents to $2.76. and maryland luckily were a little bit below the national average. if you ride the dc metro system bring some extra change. fares there are going up. that is up 20-cents, bus fares are also going up a quarter. another round of increases will also take effect on august 1st. they include another 20-cent surcharge during rush hour. still to come here this evening, gay pride shootings, celebrations in san francisco turn violent.
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also 500 people under arrest, what caused these violent clashes between police and protesters. also -- >> reporter: from rooftops to table tops, why some restaurants in baltimore are growing their own vegetables. we'll show you where their gardens grow, that's still ahead. ♪ keep feeling fascination
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tonight u.s. senator robert byrd is in serious condition in a washington hospital. byrd has been in the hospital since late last week because of heat related complications. and in california, gay pride protests went violent. more than 500 people were detained including some two traveled through sewer systems to get inside the gated area
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where that summit was being held. britain's prince harry finished up his weekend in new york city this afternoon with a polo match to benefit children with aids. harry played at governor's island contributing to the same charity work that his mother began. during his trip he even found a little bit of time to throw out a first pitch at a met's game. the next time you dine out, you might be surprised where some of your food is coming from. chef's who run kitchens and farms is a growing trend. >> reporter: some chefs and cooks go to find ingredients for their menus. >> right now we have fresh blueberries and strawberries that we'll use today in the restaurant for our culinary cocktails. >> reporter: but it's not the only place restaurant owners like alan morestine shops.
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he also travels to the roof of his restaurant. there he grows vine ripened heirloom tomatoes, basil and herbs. it's a movement that's growing as fast as the vegetables. >> we're growing lima beans, spinach, arugula. but some restaurants need more space like this 5-acre farm in howell county that's ran by the chef. when chef's grow their own foods, new cooking ideas sprout up too. >> to be out here and learn to understand these plants better,
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you just have a whole different sort of appreciation for the things you use in the kitchen. >> reporter: restaurant owners say growing their own food is as cost effective as buying it from farmers market, they say sometimes it's more economical. >> now i know why that food at villa is so good. women from all across maryland laced up their sneakers today. the race is dedicated to promoting health and fitness among women. denise koch was out there mcing. the race raises money for important women's health charities. all right, let's switch
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gears, go to meteorologist bernadette woods. it must have been a hot one for that race. >> it's been hot. the chances for thunderstorms are going to be increasing and we'll have thaha,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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welcome back everybody. there are some thunderstorms forming out there. we'll go to first doppler radar to show you what's going on. a few of these, not many, but a few around. and you are definitely feeling them where they are around. we have this thunderstorms around annapolis and they are
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really building. possibly wind gusts upward of 30 or 40 miles per hour under this storm. we don't see a lot of those purples with see with some of the severe weather. that usually gives us an indication of hail. just a couple of shower at this point as it's starting. as far as the temperatures goes, yes we broke the record and we hit 100 degrees once again. now prior to thursday, it has been three years since we hit 100. today was the second time in this heat wave alone. you can see, 99 degrees was the old record. we were way above that. as far as temperatures go at this point, 99 in hagerstown. when you factor in the humidity it feels like 93 and widespread 100. this is the kind of day you
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definitely want to take it easy. tomorrow is going to be another hot one, but then we have some really big changes along the way. we do have a couple of those thunderstorms out there right now. as this gets closer to us tomorrow. we will see a couple of showers. we don't really get in on the cool air behind it. but the cooling process will start, then wednesday, thursday and friday wait till you see the swing in temperatures. alex now downgraded to a tropical storm as it makes its way to the yuc atan peninsula. before making a second land fall. even though the land fall takes it in this direction. we're still watching this, because the remnants of this storm are really going to get pulled off to the east.
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it may not be an organized tropical system. there could be some heavy rain and problems on that front. our waters pretty quiet out there. southwest winds at five to 10 knots. tonight we're not cooling down much. tomorrow we're back up to 96 with a chance for some strong thunderstorms. take a look at the next couple of days. 90 on tuesday, but 82 wednesday, it's 80 degrees with lows in the 50s ,,,,
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fourth consecutive game, the orioles were successful. surely playing catch up. bottom five, he makes scott moore interrupt the relay. weeders scores, it's tied at three. now, we maintain that same frame. still bottom five, two out. cory patterson, we had that play. sorry about that ladies and gentlemen of the -- sorry ladies and gentlemen, we were going to show you. world cup getting real serious. contenders now for the coming
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round. defense asleep there, thomas muller lining it up and ripping the nets. why can't we all just get along. argentina and mexico, you ought to be grooving on a sunday afternoon. aserio easy goal. argentina wins by the final of 3-1. there in the quarter finals, they are playing germany. baltimore marylanders looking to go 7-0 against the reddings express. look at that, the harrison catch. check this one out. scorpio brown, not to be denied. not to lose his head. 14-0 mariners, finished the season as the first association team to go unblemished. final score 69-35. >> they put up big scores in that game. >> in 14 games that team has
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scored 760 points. they scored 84 a couple of weeks ago, 91 before that, it's mad. >> love to see the ravens do that. >> put it out there. >> coming up tonight at 11:00, a shooting leaves a baltimore man wounded now police say it all stemmed over a dispute over an mp3 player. we'll have reaction from the city's commissioner. misleading labels ban. you may see something missing on cigarette packages. what smokers think of the new labels. don't miss the daytime emmy's. that's tonight and follow bid the news at 10:00 tonight. one fan is taking it to the extreme. adam santarosa from australia has decided to live the rest of the cup in a giant soccer ball. the goal is to watch all 64
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matches from inside. he only leaves for a little bit of exercise, bathroom brakes. so far he's a beat and there's a lot of games to go. bern is doing the same thing. she's only leaving her home to come to work. >> have you ever beenen,,,,,,,,,
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